Jamin Roth

Team Lead/Architect/Developer


Strives to deliver software solutions that truely delite and provide value to customers. Continually self improving and encouraging and supporting those around me to be better.

NAVEX Global

December 2010 to present
Team Lead/Architect

Managed two product engineering teams. The UX team was focused on improving the user interfaces and user experiences of a number of products that were developed as separate products in separate companies. After being aquired by NAVEX Global these products were declining in sales due to market pressure and competition. With my team's initiative all of the flagship products were redesigned to reflect a common design that presented the unified vision the company had for these products. With the new design these products were back as the number one in the industry and when a third party came to review the products they thought they had been designed by the same company.

As the UX team lead the team was able to accomplish these outcomes with a style guide and through UX research which were both newly introduced.

As a team lead of another product development team at the same time. The team was able to deliver on a number of business requirements including a reporting solution, a custom rule engine for notifications and a data export tool.

Initially developed software solutions as a senior developer working on the flagship product's first web service offering. Was brought in to help finish a number of time sensitive projects that were in danger of not meeting their deadlines. Included adaptive case management feature which was not going to be completed on time before being brought in. After refining the requirements with product management and finding feasible technical solutions to previous roadblocks the ACM project delivered within the deadline.


March 2008 to December 2010

Design and implement internal and customer facing applications for a variety of end users utilizing the Microsoft stack (C#, ASP.Net and Silverlight). I'm a mentor to the development team in any capacity to help them achieve success on their projects. I work with management to organize and optimize development processes.


May 2006 to August 2008
Software Developer

Helped research, elaborate, develop and maintain our enterprise planning product with 25 million dollars in revenue. I developed solutions in .NET (C#, ASP.NET), C++, Java, VB and VBA. These solutions included querying and manipulating Oracle, Sql Server and DB2 databases.

Sorensen Associates

November 2002 to May 2006
Software Engineer

Worked on a small team of developers to create new market research techniques that allows manufactures and retails to gain intimate knowledge of what the shopper does while in the retail space. Currently this is mostly using a patented technique called Pathtracker ©. Worked with data warehousing and data delivery systems. Contributed algorithms to correlate data and improve data quality.

Heald College

2001 to 2003
AA, Information Technology

4.0 GPA, Comptia Award for Excellence in Computer Troubleshooting and Hardware, and Student Mentor


Scrum, OOP, Data Warehousing, Object Oriented Design(OOP), Agile, web services, micro services, software architecture


javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, AWS, Docker, C#, .NET, ASP.NET, MVC, SQL Server, React, Angular, webpack, ES6, TypeScript, NodeJs, Gulp, Grunt, Npm, Yarn, Bower, Entity Framework, IIS, apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS-SSAS, OLAP